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Garden Girl Nutrition offers a complete program to help you create the best version of you!

Disease Free Life 

Decrease your risk of chronic disease 

Want to decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes?  Susie offers a complete program to help you reduce health care costs and live as long as possible disease free.  Susie uses three focus areas - nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. 

Complete Program: Work with Susie for a full year and unlock good health, a strong body and a calm mind.


Creating a Thriving Environment During Treatment

Take control of what you can during treatment

No one signs up to go through cancer treatment.  So what do you do when you are faced with chemotherapy or radiation treatment?  Focus on the things that you have control of - your diet, your exercise and your thoughts.  Susie has over 10 years of experience working with cancer patients and she can help you come up with a strategy to reduce side effects, eliminate treatment breaks and decrease your risk of recurrence.

Complete Program:  Work closely with Garden Girl Nutrition and develop a strategy that carries you through every phase of treatment.  Susie works closely with you no matter where you are at in the treatment stage.  Susie understands the complexity of treatment and can help you feel empowered.  

Living Well Beyond Treatment

Create a Better You 

Completing cancer treatment can feel like you woke up from a bad dream.  It can feel like the side effects from treatment will never go away and it is difficult to find a health care provider that understands what you are experiencing.  Garden Girl Nutrition will help you establish patterns of eating, exercise and mindfulness to help you create a better you.

Complete Program:  Garden Girl Nutrition designs a year long program to help you exceed expectations.  Susie has experience working with survivors and has helped many exceed health expectations.

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