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Durango, Colorado

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The Anti-Cancer Dietitian


Whether you’re struggling to manage side effects from cancer treatment, looking to develop a healthier relationship with food or need to make some serious lifestyle changes, Garden Girl Nutrition is here to help you transform your body, lifestyle and your mind.

Susie Young, Registered Dietitian and certified specialist in oncology nutrition, works with you to customize a wellness program catered to fit your goals.  Susie's approach is not about temporary fixes or fads; rather, Garden Girl Nutrition tackles the root of your ailments, establishing positive patterns to address stress relief, weight loss, disease prevention and will help you redefine your optimum health.


Develop a positive relationship with food.  Find balance in your day-to-day routine.  Move toward a brighter, healthier future.  Your best life starts today. 

It’s All About You


Garden Girl Nutrition listens to you and will identify the proper tools that allow you to take charge of your well being.

Nutrition services include an initial consult, weekly check-ins and exit consult. Modify your customized health program with any of these options:​​


• One on One nutrition consultation

• Daily photos

• Customized recipes 

• Pantry review

• Grocery store tours


• Daily exercise regimes

• Tailored supplement review

• Work-life balance accountability


• Meditation practices

• Empowerment tools

• Fresh perspective

Take Charge of Your Health


Garden Girl Nutrition offers fun, interactive classes to inspire new cooking techniques and integrate nutrition into your lifestyle – deliciously!

Recipes & Ideas 


Susie Young has always found a way to incorporate the art of sharing delicious, healthy meals into her work. Browse some of her favorite recipes and ideas on the Garden Girl Nutrition blog.

Meet Susie


Looking for more than a nutrition coach?  Susie Young has more than a decade of medical nutrition therapy experience and knowledge to bolster her practice.  As someone who’s changed her life after recovering from health challenges, she’s also been there.