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Whether you’re struggling to manage side effects from cancer treatment, looking to develop a healthier relationship with food or need to make some serious lifestyle changes, Garden Girl Nutrition is here to help you transform your body, lifestyle and your mind.

Susie Young, Registered Dietitian and certified specialist in oncology nutrition, works with you to customize a wellness program catered to fit your goals.  Susie's approach is not about temporary fixes or fads; rather, Garden Girl Nutrition tackles the root of your ailments.

  • Management of Side Effects from Cancer Treatment

  • Decrease Risk of Cancer

  • Incorporate Intermittent Fasting

  • Prevent Chronic Disease

  • Client Focused Lifestyle Education

  • Long term Weight Loss Solutions

  • Help you Redefine Your Optimum Health


Develop a positive relationship with food.  Find balance in your day-to-day routine.  Move toward a brighter, healthier future.  Your best life starts today. 

It’s All About You


Garden Girl Nutrition listens to you to help you take charge of your well being.

  • You decide what your goals are

  • You decide the pace of the program

  • You walk away with a problem resolved

Garden Girl Nutrition works with you to solve your biggest nutrition concerns

  • Decrease side effects from cancer treatment

  • Decrease risk of cancer recurrence

  • Manage IBS symptoms

  • Manage diabetes

  • Decrease risk of heart disease

  • Maintain/Decrease weight



Take Charge of Your Health


Garden Girl Nutrition  helps you solve your nutrition problems by offering a complete program.  


Garden Girl Nutrition is NOT into quick fixes, restrictive diets or special food.  


Garden Girl Nutrition is committed to your success.

Garden Girl Nutrition Blog

Information is everywhere, but can you trust the source?  Susie updates her blog page with relevant, research based information.

Meet Susie


Looking for more than a nutrition coach?  Susie Young has more than a decade of medical nutrition therapy experience and knowledge to bolster her practice.  As someone who’s changed her life after recovering from health challenges, she’s also been there.

Anti-Cancer Dietitian


Durango, Colorado

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